Sunday, January 7, 2007

How it is.

"Suffering is wanting things to be different than they are."
- by: I have no idea, so how about Anonymous.

Knowing that definition doesn't actually make me feel better, but it does seem to shift my thinking quite a bit.


Lynn said...

I know TTCing can be one of the most challenging times in a woman's life. But, just hang in there. Best wishes and baby dust!

Barbara said...

Might as well exercise to keep your mind off the suffering.

Aurelia said...

And to continue:
Suffering is knowing things can't change no matter how much you want them to.

And also:
Suffering is finding out later everything could've changed, if, if, if someone had done things different the first time.

Or we could just say Should've Could've Would've Didn't Fuck it, Too late, Never mind, Pass the beer!

Is the entire blogosphere philosophical tonight?

Ol' Lady said...

Sounds like your 'down'...that sucks.
Sending you a (((((HUG)))))

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I want a LOT of things to be different than they are. I'm not very good at Zen acceptance and imperterbability.

I get real perturbed about pain. I hate war and especially children being killed, I'm worried about the polar bears and global warming, and I don't like my knees and hips to hurt. I could go on, suffer suffer. LOL!

TInk said...

Hang in there, and like Barbara said... "Might as well exercise..."

I like your way of thinking and enjoy reading your posts. Mind if I include a link to your site through mine?

Barbara said...

Here's another comment to exercise to.