Friday, February 15, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Sorry for my silence. Apparently, l@w school really is a full time affair. Sheesh, what a bother.

After reading some info on the development of Fetus (nicknamed Curry), I found that her ears have developed enough so that she is hearing a lot of what I hear in a day, even if its significantly muffled. I spent a little time thinking about what it is she hears during an average day. The list looks something like this:
  • long boring lectures about family l@w, education l@w, and social security
  • my snoring during aforementioned lectures
  • litigants screaming at each other during so-called negotiation conferences (I am externing for a county judge)
  • loud thumps as litigants' attorneys bang their heads against the wall during aforementioned conferences
  • a whole lot of crunching, gurgling, slurping and other sounds originating from the beginning to the end of my digestive system
  • my voice singing to the many lively songs of the Violent Femmes
  • many, many episodes of The Simpsons
It will be a miracle if after hearing all of this, Curry wants to come out and live with us at all.