Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I should be studying intensely for my next final which is Thursday and NOT open-book. I just finished my second final of the semester, and for those of you who are following along, it went much better than the first one. This isn't saying a whole lot, but I don't have lofty goals. I am going for a minimum grade of "B" these days. Sound a little low to you? Then don't look too closely at my transcript for the last couple of semesters.

Instead of studying, I am visiting other people's blogs (you know who you are!) and taking quizzes. I am posting my most recent quiz results and I have to say that I found the title rather misleading. It asks what type of inner New York you are. Turns out they are assuming that all of New York is on the island of Manhattan. There really are people upstate, I swear. We're just not as loud and don't tend to call attention to ourselves, relatively at least. For those who revel in Fall colors during October, it is not be missed though. Despite the serious problem with the quiz results, I post it anyway. Because, procrastination is the name of the game.

Back to the treadmill; thank goodness I haven't put a "will study for comments" pledge.


brouwer40 said...

Great Blog!

Veronika said...

Stop it! Step away from the computer, and go study! lol