Saturday, December 30, 2006

Meming me.

The Six Weird Things Meme

So these are Six Weird Things about Me (Husband's comment on my request to help me think of six weird things about me: "Only six huh?...Well, I'm not taking that bait." Smart man.) :
  1. I hate it when my toes are squished together. HATE IT! If my feet are in close toed shoes that are a bit tight, I spend an inordinate amount of time spreading my toes out as far and flat as they will go.
  2. I simply can't eat an animal that I saw, recently, in its house. Thus, if I eat shrimp, my husband must do the peeling off of their houses, alone, I can't even peek or else I won't be able to eat them. Lobsters are only acceptable if they come evicted, therefore I can only eat lobster tail. No clams, oysters, snails. Eeew.
  3. I feel guilty when a store or restaurant goes out of business. Yes, I am self centered enough to think it is all my fault. If only I had gone in there to shop or eat, then they wouldn't have had to close up shop. It's not that I think that they were waiting for me, but I still think I could have done more to help.
  4. I want to tell everyone, everything, all of the time. But it, uh, kind of puts people off, including Husband sometimes. Poor guy. He puts up with a lot.
  5. I like to garden, but not with plants. I prefer rocks. All types of rocks. I just stack them up, build walls, lots of walls. Good times.
  6. I like to say "I" when I write my blog. Fun. In all of the other writing I have to do I can't say I. So I take great liberties when it comes to my blog ramblings and the use of the word "I". More good times. Oh, and using the word "you" is an additional good time.
Now, while I think that tagging someone is somewhat of a cruel joke to play on another, I am not that nice of a person actually, so I think I will tag the requisite six anyway. If I tag you it's out of love, if I didn't tag you its out of love too.

Tag your it, Veronika, Barbara, Sara, TheTwoWeekWait, Mary Taitt, Dino aka Katy.

Aurelia tagged me first, so you know who to blame ultimately.

By the way, here are the rules...
RULES: Each player of this game starts with the weird things about them. People who get tagged need to write on their blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you have tagged them in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

For those I didn't tag, feel free to comment with at least one weird thing. Don't make me be weird alone...


Sharla Dawn said...

Um, I have a hand and foot fetish. Most people seem to think that's outright bizarre!

Aurelia said...

Okay you are not nearly as weird as I thought. You'll have to try harder!
And hey, if you like that litebox for real, Costco has it cheaper than the website I linked too. (See, Costco really is the source of all that is good. Now if they only sold fertility treatments...)

Ol' Lady said...

I could garden the way you do, cause I wouldn't be able to 'kill' anything. I have trouble growing anything.
Just a comment about a litebox, I have had one for about 5 years and it does help, downside is that it was quite expensive...but what is your sanity worth?

jane said...

Bless you girl for not tagging me. :)
Oh WOW though...I was with you on all except for the rock garden. Not that I don't think it's cool, I just don't do it.
But the toe thing, I don't like my feet enclosed either, but I never thought about my toes touching. Now, however, I do. Thanks.
And about telling hubby everything? Give him a pop quiz. Trust me on this one. Better than wasting 5 years pouring your heart out.

three minute palaver said...

Hi Nicole. I finally found your site through my comments. Loved your weird things and love your blog -am adding you to my blogroll as we speak. wishing you a happier new year than the last one.

Veronika said...

I played. I'm the same way with the animal thing. I have a hard time eating anything on the bone. Your husband is a real treasure for deviening and peeling for you!

Ms.PhD said...

The thing about evicting lobsters made me laugh.

The toe thing would mean you wouldn't make it as a ballerina... lots of toe squishing in those shoes.

I too love being able to say I since I can't in any other writing that I do.

You're brave to do this meme... like jane, I thank you for not tagging me!

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