Tuesday, December 5, 2006

New do

Not a woman of wealth, I am constantly searching for a way to give without putting my husband out of house and home. One thing I have been blessed with is hair and lots of it. I seem to be able to grow hair quickly. So for the third time in my life, I cut off over twelve inches of hair to send off as a donation to Locks of Love. This amazing group takes donated hair to make real hair wigs for people who need them. Not only did the reduced load feel so good on my head, but the idea of giving someone else the chance to run their fingers through their own head of hair feels even better. I have put a link to their website on the side of this blog in case anyone is interested in finding out more about them. They take all colors, even gray, which is good because the percentage of brown on my head is reducing exponentially every year.

And now for something completely different...

I saw my psychiatrist today so that we could continue to adjust my meds for conception. We are decreasing the Effexor and Seroquel and replacing it with Zoloft. With so much more information and research available about the safety of Zoloft for pregnant women we both feel more comfortable with Zoloft than Effexor and Seroquel. I fought her long enough and hard enough about breastfeeding that she seems to be finally conceding to accepting my insistence that I be able to breastfeed. I didn't avoid breast reduction surgery just for looks. I am by all accounts, well endowed rack-wise. For years, I have wanted to lop about 50% off each one so that I can bounce without pain and get rid of the giant divots in my shoulders. Even my husband remarked about how heavy they were, asking how I was able to carry those things around all day. When I fretted about how much bigger they might get during pregnancy, his eyes lit up like I had just offered him a new car. Great rack for him, but not so much for me. Anyway, I always thought that messing with the mammaries may not be a good plan if I wanted to breastfeed so I opted to wait for breast reduction surgery until after I was done having children. So, I was none too pleased when my psychiatrist said it would be too risky to have to be off meds so that I can breastfeed. Her experience tells her that I am a prime candidate for psychosis and post-partum depression. Yippee. Sign me up. So as a compromise, she is switching me over to Zoloft as it appears safe for breastfeeding and gives me some level of protection against the great hormone slide.

Meds, madness, and motherhood, oh my.


Sara said...

Locks of Love really is a great organization. I have also made three 12 inch donations, and it is very satisfying indeed. I don't know if I will be patient enough this time though... I'm tempted by the thought of a cut, but the hair isn't long enough to donate yet.

Erin said...

Hi! I followed your comment on Lake Loop here.

I have also had the desire to lop off some of my bosoms but am holding off for breastfeeding.

Nice to "meet" you!