Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just call me Chesty LaRue.

Now with more boob.

My deepest apologies to those of you who will find this post annoying. But being annoying has never stopped me before, so why start now?

A few days before the great pee on a stick event, I remarked to Husband that the girls seemed to be outgrowing their luxurious home. He agreed with a big grin. I hate to say that I am well-endowed because that would imply that I like the size of my chest. I do not. All throughout high school, I was lucky if I could fill out an A-cup. In fact, I was smaller chested than my younger sister, Anne. So I would lie in bed praying (this was back when I was a practicing Roman Catholic) and begged God for a bigger chest. Nice that I bothered the supreme being with my pressing needs, right? Well, be careful what you ask for. By the time I was in my second year of college, I was bursting out of my D-cups. After visits back to my high school town, rumors could not be quashed that I had had a boob job. Believe me when I say that I did no such thing. So up until a few weeks ago, I was buying $70 minimizer bras made by W@co@l to accommodate and support my double D girls.

But now, those don't even do the job. Sigh. I am terrified that I am going to have to buy G's. So last week, I ordered 2 new W@co@l bras of the triple D variety. Honestly, it made me so sad. I know, I should be grateful that I am still having all the "right" symptoms, but I really could have done without this particular one. I may be able to buy maternity clothing used, but I draw the line at used bras. Plus, it's a bit hard to find used ones in that size range.

Some say that my size will go lower than what I started with, once the gestating is over, but somehow I am not convinced. You see the skin has already been stretched and we would need new laws of biophysics to get these things to take a pleasing perky stature again. So even if they get smaller, they will be like tube socks with a rock stuffed in them, hanging down to my knees. Doesn't that sound sexy?


Max's said...
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Adrienne said...

" socks with a rock stuffed in them." Yep, that's what they'll look like - and that's BEFORE you stop breastfeeding. After that, all bets are off. Did you think those ladies in National Geographic were just reflecting a life-time without W@co@l support?

Cibele said...

Pregnancy is my only hope to have some boobs. I am like Grace from the Will and Grace show, but the problem is that I am not skinny as her... anyway, I am glad that things are progressing well and the symptoms are good indication of a healthy pregnancy.
All the best!!!
PS: no needs to apologize. Every stage of our lives comes with it’s own set of drama!

Aurelia said...

I have to agree with Adrienne, it can be bad, but it doesn't have to be. Hold onto a tiny bit of hope... Just an idea here, but maybe you should buy some nursing bras right now in these larger sizes. You can wear them now just as bras, for a few months until you grow out of them, put them in a drawer and take them out later on the way back down the mountain, so to speak.
Yes, you will keep growing bigger, I had a friend who was um, large, and after her son was born became a double H when her milk came in.
The good news is that they shrank back not badly at all. She can pass the pencil test no problem. Pregnancy & nursing hormones have some benefits, thank God!
As for price, yeesh, umm, br*vado has some good prices and sizes and designs.

Susan said...

Oh my god, I am so with you. I read in some book somewhere that I can expect my breasts to grow 3 cup sizes. I'm at a D now, so I don't even know what that size would be! Is there such a thing as DDDD?

Erin said...

Yup, I definitely fall into the category of women who are not looking forward to boob-expansion during pregnancy. IMO, mine are too big already. I've got sympathy for you, my friend.

Ol' Lady said...

Reproduction followed by saggy boobs...yep that's another wonder of being a woman. I found that the saggy boobs did camouflage the flabby tummy :p

BerryBird said...

Nicole, I promise you, I will never be annoyed by TMI. It your blog, so you get to talk about whatever you want. I'm one of those in the peanut gallery who is looking forward to your pregnancy-related posts as a source of anecdotal information, things I might one day experience myself if I ever have kids. So share away...

Renee said...

Well like everyone said, you can expect your breast to get even bigger before this is all over with and once you're done with them (whether you choose to breastfeed or not) they will wither to the tube socks with rocks in them.
A good bra like you've been buying should be able to hike them up and make them look decent when you're dressed...but they AINT. Welcome to motherhood.

I bought cheap bras during pregnancy because I knew that nursing bras are expensive and I would be changing sizes a few times. I was a DD at my biggest from a C. I stayed a DD until 3 months after weaning.

Sara said...

For what its worth, mine stayed bigger after I was done nursing than they were before. Not as big as they *got* (I was up to a 38F), but I settled in at a larger post-baby size than I was pre-pregnancies.

They aren't rocks in socks, either. i've got some extra skin from them inflating so much, but there's still some meat in them. They're in better shape than my mom's were at my age -and she only had the one baby and never nursed a drop....

to paraphrase Pooh: "You never can tell, with boobs."

Dream Writer said...

My boobs got bigger AFTER the kids were born! And they stayed big! So, they droop a little but the way bras are made today...we have nice Lifters!

The joys of pregnancy:)

Dino aka Katy said...

mhh that could be a costly side effects. Yeah I was mentioning to Grumpy a few weeks ago that I seem to get bigger (not from being pregnant - i wish) and barely fit in my C's and I did not want to by a D. Of course he just grinned and was like why not hunny

Decidedly Bookish said...

Mine are an E-cup already. God knows what'll happen when I get pregnant.

Busty Bertha, my mother used to call me, at eleven years old and in a C-up, while I died with embarrassment in the changing room.

OHN said...

If my nipples were cameras, they would be shooting shots of the tops of my shoes. I started an A cup and ended up a C (long, not round)..always wanted that they are here, I want them to go away.

Bumble said...

Ha ha tube socks with a rock stuffed in them!!! Thats hilarious! Well I hope they don't come back too bad. I'm small myself so that makes me very nervous, I definately don't need to lose any more!!!

Barbara said...

God answered your prayers in abundance!

I really can't relate with your problem. Sorry.

theoneliner said...

oh funny. i too am well or really not so well endowed. d's. and i don't like them. they talk back and in general get in my way.
i can't wait to be pg...but i've already announced if the twins get bigger i'm going under the knife.

isn't everything you put on ends up looking slut.ty? i would kill to have a's in a cute little swim top. or tank top. or dress. i could put on a nun's outfit and look suspiciouly like a hooter's waitress.

ok, i think the girls are hogging the spotlihet *again*

terri s. said...

Ahh yes. i'd try to enjoy the endowment while you can at the moment! They will look smaller once your belly takes off in size - a small comfort, if any:). If you do go for new bras, consider buying at least one with a bit of padding. I had a bit of leakage (!!!) going on at the 5 month mark! No one warned me about that one. As for the tube socks, I think that's when I realized why push-ups were so popular....

Nicole said...

Adrienne: Perhaps I can finally be a model, even if it's only for National Geographic serving in photos when they cover the native caucasian in her natural, insane state and post child. Such a lovely image.

Cibele: The titty fairy is sure to visit you. I am positive about that. :)

Aurelia: Gonna go look into those nursing bras, those sound like they would be practical and multi-purpose

Susan: 3 cup sizes? Mine are going to need their own time zone.

Erin: Thanks for the sympathy, I can always use it, trust me.

ol' lady: Good, I could use some place to hide my tummy under.

Berrybird: Thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words. I cannot quite explain how much you have helped me with your posts and comments.

Renee: Thanks for the war story, surprisingly it helps to know I am not alone.

Sara: If I have the luck of having F's in the way yours looked, then that will be quite amazing. I won't hold my breath though.

Dream Writer: There is some joy in it,despite my whining. At least my husband gets a goofy grin.

Dino: Yeah, I know that feeling of dread when finally concluding that it's time to trade up. I remember when I first bought my first D-cups, I cried all the way home.

Decidedly: Aww, I hope that nickname hasn't put you into therapy, it would for me. And I hid from other girls in the locker room too, but for the opposite reason.

ohn: Yes, I want mine to go away too. Would love to have a size that I didn't even need to wear a bra. I can dream right?

Bumble: fear not, my friend. Maybe you will end up like Sara and be able to claim that yours got bigger permanently afterward too.

Barbara: Glad to hear you can't relate to my problem. I would only wish this on my worst enemy, because I am mean like that.

Oneliner: You got it, I feel slutty in all manner of outfits. It's awful. And the idea of a slip dress sends me into hysterics. Those tanks with the supposed built in bras are worthless. There should be a law about what you can call a bra.

Terri: I always wondered if I would ever find push-ups to be useful. I always thought that if I used a push-up, I wouldn't be able to see over them. And leakage at 5-months? Maybe it will blend in with my strategically placed coffee stains on my shelf.