Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a difference a med makes

Thanks so much for all the well wishes, hugs, and good thoughts of reason. Much appreciated.

I have since had my meds picked up from the pharmacy and everything looks so much better now. Clearly, I still have a bit of denial going on regarding how much I need my meds and how really mentally ill I am.

To get ready for my new OB visit tomorrow, I picked up my medical records from my last OB. And against my better judgment, I started reading through them. While scanning through my ultrasound reports, two works struck me quite fiercely. BICORNUATE UTERUS! How in the world was I not informed of this seemingly important detail? I promptly called Husband and asked him to start doing some research on the abnormal anatomy and its affects on pregnancy.

What we've read on various medical and pregnancy sites has been a mix of neutral and bad news. Any thoughts from my well edguhmucated buddies out there? Words of wisdom and humor always welcome.


thrice said...

A brief check with a different spelling led me here:
First thing, make sure that you really have it. And, I hope you don't. When I think of horned uteri, I think of ggrl.

Aurelia said...

Well, it's bi not bir, so the googling may not work the first time!

It can be a nothing, if it's just a slightly change in shape, or it can be a bigger problem if you have a septum, or an extremely misshapen ute, and the fetus has implanted in an inopportune corner.

Thing is, an ultrasound can't always tell you everything with this. But since you are already pregnant, you can't get more invasive testing in the uterus to look. Get your OB to go over you very very carefully with a new US, and the records. Since you had a D&C they would've noted a septum, and he can compare.

Just remember that there can be a huge variation in severity, so don't let the googling (or me) scare you too much, k?

Dino aka Katy said...

DON'T PANIC - it may be mild and that's why they didn't tell you since you'd worry about it. With your mental history they may have thought it better not to get you more worked up. Check with the new OB I am sure they will evaluate you and discuss it

Jenny F. Scientist said...

As Aurelia and Dino have said, I think it depends a lot on the degree of branching. Also, you probably don't want some random ultrasound tech- or even OB- diagnosing this based on a quick glance. So I hope you can ask your new doctor to really have a good look at the innards! I'm sure your uterus has been missing all the probes and whatnot. And attention. :)

Also... I don't know that 'relying on medicine' correlates to 'really mentally ill.' It just means, you need the medicine. Hell, so do I.

Anyhow, glad you're feeling better.

Caro said...

Glad you're feeling better. I also have this on my notes and have been told not to worry (yeah right). main thing seems to be that you might give birth a little (but not a lot) early as the fetus runs out of space.

megan said...

glad to hear that things feel a bit more under control now. i hope you get the answers you need about your ute soon. thinking of you. . xoxo

Julia said...

Medicines are an amazing thing. I am glad you are better.
When you get a chance, please let us know how that OB appointment went.