Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just crazy

Sometimes I marvel at the appropriateness of the name of my blog. Although today, I leave out the "enough" and say, "Just crazy". My emotions have been all over the board and it's a true miracle that my husband doesn't just quietly pack up and leave while I'm sleeping.

Early last week, I arrived at a decision to go with "Fifty Fingers" OB/GYN and gave them a call to schedule an appointment. When they said they would "be willing" to see me as early as November 28th, I started to rethink my decision. So I hung up and called the doctor that is 35 minutes away. I have an appointment for November 1, and the only reason they couldn't get me in earlier is because he was out of town the week I called. So next Thursday, I am hoping for a positive experience and a gratuitous scan. Honestly, the 35 minute drive will give me some time to spend with Husband; time that is becoming increasingly rare with my overloaded schedule.

In the crazy department, I never miss an opportunity to worry. If I don't have any cramps or back pain then I worry that the little guy has ceased to grow and I have become a walking human coffin. Lovely. If I do have cramps or a low backache, no matter how mild, I worry that I am about to deliver a baby the size of a pistachio. So no matter what, I am screwed in the head. Plus, I had my weekly breakdown last Sunday and concluded that I would fail every single thing I am trying to do if I didn't relieve myself of some of the stress. So, my professor graciously granted me an incomplete so that I could write my brief for a motion for summary judgment over the holiday break. Thank God for male professors who are terrified of crazy pregnant women.


Aurelia said...


Thank God for the fear of men towards women! (Pregnant or not...hehe)

So, sweetie, the far away OB sounds good, very very good. I'm happy for you.

tipsymarie said...

Thanks for the update. I'm with you - extra time in the car is well worth it to get better care.
November 1st is less than a week away, which is certainly better than the 28th. WTF? Like they were doing you a favor to work you in that "early"? Please.

Not so little sister said...

Thanks for the update! I think you'll be really happy with your decision about the OB. Doesn't he work with a midwife too?

I know what you mean about the worry. I worry a lot's hard not too, but I try to take a deep breath and take some comfort in the fact that I'm doing everything I can to be healthy and safe. Some things are just out of our control.

Take care, dear!

Julia said...

Hope you have a good appointment and get that gratuitous scan.
And good on you for knowing when to ask for a break.

Anns said...

"Walking coffin".. scary.
Very scary.

niobe said...

You'd think with their 50 fingers they'd have at least a few available sooner. Glad you were able to go with the other OB and get seen more quickly.

Tam said...

I'm glad that things are progressing well, can't wait to hear about your new doc and that everything is good with your little one...

Take care of yourself and try and be good to you!!

Love and hugs

Dino aka Katy said...

35 min really aren't that much and yes it will give you plenty of time to chat with your hubby. I am glad that your professor worked with you so you can have a little less stress