Tuesday, January 6, 2009

References, please.

This is a call for references, scientific in nature. I am having trouble getting the time or concentration necessary to find these references. I need links to concise articles outlining the risks of plastic toys, especially in regards to BPA. I plan on posting the links here as well as on the website that my relatives go to to see photos of Pepper. Our relatives don't seem to understand why we don't want Pepper to have plastic toys (unless they are marked as BPA free). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Aurelia said...

Dude, I am not sure, but I will look on Health Canada's site. They just banned baby items containing BPA so they must have had something to back it up with?

As for the plastic toys in general--I've never been able to get rid of them completely, just reduce the most toxic ones. I wish you luck!

And hey, nice to see you back in the blogosphere, sweetie. Don't go away so long. ((Hugs))

JSH said...


- scientist.

Electronic Goose said...

Good to hear from ya.

I found the same link as JSH and also this study:


We have the same issue with Bean and her relatives--good luck!

Jenny F. Scientist said...


(Eh, Canada!)


Good luck, and I hope you're doing okay! I would totally come by and have tea with you and watch the baby if I were closer. (Virtual tea... not as satisfying.)